Cool Copenhagen

City view from The Church of Our Saviour Spire.

Copenhagen, as it turns out, is a cool city. The capital of Denmark, it’s home to the Scandinavian design aesthetic, popular for its simple, clean, and modern look. The sleek designs coming from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway were so influential (read: cool) that IKEA created a successful business out of making them easily accessible to everyone throughout the world. Copenhagen is also surrounded by the Baltic Sea; consequently, it has very comfortable and moderate temperatures. During the height of summer, temperatures reach about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. This cool island capital boasts beautiful blue canals, castles, museums, and much more. Here’s how we took it all in:a

City Overview

The Church of Our Saviour is on an island community called Christianshavn, outside the center of the city. There is a 400 stair climb to the top; however, the Church’s helix spire offers a perfect view of Copenhagen.


Life Along the Canal

With so much water, one of the premier ways to see Copenhagen is by coasting along the canals. There are various tours to enjoy where you can disembark at popular locations throughout the city.

Around The City

Copenhagen is also very walkable, or if you prefer, do as the Danes and ride a bike. Either way, you can easily navigate the city to explore the wonderful museums and cultural attractions.


One of these sites is actually a palace! There are two main architectural icons to see in Copenhagen: Christiansborg Palace and Rosenborg Castle.

Bonus: Helsingor

An hour north of Copenhagen is the charming city of Helsingor. From the train station visitors are instantly greeted by a view of the Kronborg Castle, famous for being the setting of Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet. Tourist come to see the famous castle, but stay to explore this quaint Danish town.

Have you experienced Copenhagen, or another Scandinavian destination? What were your favorite places? Was it cool? Leave a comment; we’d love to hear from you.

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