Appitecture seeks to provide information and interaction to a diverse community who wish to learn, explore, and participate in the evolving world of design. We do this by:

  1. Pursuing our avid interest in the exploration of design all over the world and sharing those experiences on our travel blog, Places and Perspectives; and

  2. Promoting a general understanding of and appreciation for design through our Eyeing Design gallery, containing spontaneously captured images arranged to inspire dialogue about the motivation and insight necessary to the design process.


Who We Are


Prof. Richard Luxenburg has been teaching and practicing architecture in the Maryland area for over 30 years. His passion for architecture and the discovery of the built environment informs a love for travel, which he documented through photographs from an architect’s perspective – first in the classroom and now in the Appitecture archives.

Having completed his own education prior to the advent of computer-dominated architecture, Richard teaches courses in Architectural Design, Methods of Construction, traditional color rendering and hand drawing, digital drawing (CAD) and Professional Practices.  Currently he teaches design presentation techniques using a combination of computer and hand drawing. As a licensed architect, he has won numerous awards for his residential design work.


Robert Lowe III, an assistant professor of Architecture with a Masters in Landscape Architecture, is familiar with the latest technologies in architectural design production. In addition to teaching a variety of Architecture and Landscape Architecture courses — including domestic and international travel study opportunities, with a specific interest for in-field instructional methods and analysis — he also owns and operates a private practice, InFORMation Design LLC.

Robert enjoys the collaborative aspects of design and has worked for a variety of Architectural Design Firms in the Baltimore area. He currently maintains his own practice, specializing in residential landscape design.

From architecture to graphic design, Bernard Jeffers is clearly passionate about creativity. Having worked multiple design firms, Bernard pours all his expertise into project underway, offering an unparalleled level of dexterity and sensitivity. Away from the studio, you might find him at a local concert discovering new music, or at a baseball game with his wife, Kate.